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Advil to the Rescue

We had sold my clients property and we were looking for a replacement property.

They found the perfect home in a very desirable area and we knew there would be competition. I went to one of the open houses to chat with the listing agent about what the sellers were looking for in an offer. The agent had a horrible headache, was exhausted from a weekend of showings and was busy with paperwork while we spoke. She ruffled through her bags and found that she had no Advil. As I sat anxious to get details she continued to be in pain…….so, I ran down the street to the market, bought some Advil and a bottle of water, went back to the house and gave it to her. She was so grateful of course. She took the

medicine, sat down and explained to me what her seller’s were after. I left, wrote up the offer, sent it to my clients and we opened escrow the next morning.

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