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More than Money

I was referred to a gentleman that was relocating from northern California to southern California. He was doing the home shopping as his wife needed to stay home with their 2 special needs boys. He and I looked and looked and when we came upon the house that most resembled the layout of the home they were currently living in, we knew we didn’t need to look any further. His wife needed to see the house. So we Face Timed her and walked her through it. She loved it and so did their boys. We were in competition with another offer – a full price cash offer!! We were about $10,000 under their asking price. We wrote a letter to the sellers explaining why the layout of this home was so important to their 2 special needs boys. The seller’s also had special needs family members and understood – they

accepted our offer! We beat out a full price cash offer! They have been in that house now for nearly 10


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